Valentine's Day Party Balloons Dress Code Colour Meanings Images

Valentines day Dress codes/Balloons Colour codes for 2017 is given here.Hot Week list Go through the article to know the best colour dress and Balloons to suit for you on the special day of lovers in 2017. Because whatever colour code dress & Balloons you wear & take it express your feelings and show your emotions as well towards the valentine’s day. Valentine's Day Party Balloons Dress Code Colour Meanings.

Valentine's Day Party Balloons Dress Code Colour Meanings

Dress colour
Meaning of colour
Blue Colour
Love applications Invited
Green Colour
I am waiting
Red Colour
Two side, already in love
Black Colour
Rejected proposal
White Colour
Sorry dear, I am already booked
Orange Colour
Going to propose
Pink Colour
Proposal accepted
Grey/Purple Colour
Not interested, better luck next time
Yellow Colour
Broke up
Brown Colour
Broken hearts

Collection Of Party Balloons & Dress Code Colors Meaning:

Valentine's Day Balloons Dress Code Colour Meanings

Blue Colour Balloon, Dress Code(Love applications Invited)

Dark blue signifies intelligence, self-reliance and deep feelings, Boys and Girls. Light blue symbolizes creativity, Perceptivity, and sensitivity in Valentines Day. 
Blue Colour Balloon, Dress Code

Orange Colour Balloon, Dress Code(New Propose, Going To Propose)

I am Going to Propose to him wish me Luck. Orange is the color of energy, creativity, and practicality.

Orange Colour Balloon, Dress Code

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Green Colour Balloon, Dress Code(I am waiting) 

Green suggests humanism, benevolence, observance and caution. Dark green shirt for a man and lighter shades of green for women's outfit will make good Valentine's Day attires.

Green Colour Balloon, Dress Code

Red Colour Balloon, Dress Code(Two sides, already in love)

Red is the colour of energy, liveliness, love and sexual passion. That is why red roses, red attires, and gifts wrapped in red play a dominant role on Valentine's Day.

Red Colour Balloon, Dress Code

White Colour Balloon, Dress Code(Sorry dear, I am already booked)

White Colour is Already Booked. Red communicates your passion towards your beloved or towards love itself. 

White Colour Balloon, Dress Code

Black and Brown Colour Balloon, Dress Code(I Am Not Interested, Rejected proposal)

Black and Brown can both be incorporated in a man's Valentine's Day attire individually. Black denotes independence, Women can opt for more feminine and pastel shades for Valentine's Day.

Black Colour Balloon, Dress Code

 Brown Colour Balloon, Dress Code(I Am Not Interested, Rejected proposal)

 Brown Colour Balloon, Dress Code

Pink Colour Balloon, Dress Code(Proposal Accepted)

Pink is an expression of freshness, love, affection, understanding and sweetness.

Pink Colour Balloon, Dress Code

Yellow Colour Balloon, Dress Code(Broke up)

Yellow signifies inspiration, spontaneity, communication and novelty. A Yellow dress for a woman will do well on Valentine's Day.

Yellow Colour Balloon, Dress Code

Grey Colour Balloon, Dress Code(Not interested, better luck next time)

Grey denotes good judgment capabilities and also non-involvement. So it may not be the right colour to be chosen forValentine's Day dress or a setting. How Ever a gray outfit for man can look fine.

Grey Colour Balloon, Dress Code

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Valentine's Day Party Balloons Dress Code Colour Meanings Images
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