valentine day 2017sheet

valentine day 2017sheetCute Proposal Images, Pics, Quotes, Sms, message, Romantic Propose Day, Propose Day date, Propose Day Shayari, propose Day Whats app, Status, Dp. expresses true feelings and it's one of the best things that you can do with your inside heart. It's the best gift that you can Propose your loved ones and it's worth a million his/her.valentine day 2017sheet

valentine day 2017sheet

valentine day 2017sheet

I'm the type of person who looks at the menu for five minutes but ends up ordering the same exact thing every time.

 Television + food, it just goes together

 You don't really truly know someone until you get ridiculously drunk with them.

 Poor alcohol, it gets blamed for everything.

 I enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.

 Eating popcorn: 80% during trailers. 20% during the movie.

 Hockey is more enjoyable if you pretend they're fighting over the world's last Oreo.

 my hobbies include eating and complaining that i'm getting fat.

 Stop complaining about being single. We have bigger problems here. Like why McDonalds doesnt serve breakfast after 10:30.

 Arizona 99 cent drinks are the shit. Period.

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valentine day 2017sheet
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