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Valentine's day Romantic Cute Best Love Stories, Celebrate February 14, Valentine’s Day is associated with a romantic love story, a day to express love and gift, wishes, love. Read More Valentine’s Day romantic love short stories. These featured stories are selected for romantic souls, especially for Valentine’s Day. Hope you enjoy reading these romantic stories together with your soul love partner. Do share your comments and feelings about these love stories. Best Love Storie Real Life True Romantic Cute Storie.

Romantic Love Stories

Dear All Lovers,

I would like to share my life(LOVE) with you all.

Let we start travelling into ANU & KRISH.

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This is the story which started on a bright sunny day of the year 2018, while Anu was studying in college and Krish was working as a project manager in TCPS centerTamilnadu.

Anu went to class for a project, she remembers While Anu was seeing him. At the first moment, she thought he is a rude person... Later Anu realized he was amazing.

Let us know how KRISH is amazing....

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What a joke Krish is a project lead to Anu. She was not interested in attending his class because she doesn’t like Krish and she never minds. He noted anu's behavior and he said to anu "You must sit behind me and listen". After Anu moved front it’s her fate to listen his class.

Some more days were pass away... Anu has seen some difference from Krish attitude. Let us know what it is, He updated only love wallpapers day by day in his system. He is very calm and loving. Anu thought he is loving her. she is feeling very happy.

One day Anu was absent that time Krish shared his feeling with his class students, He talks about one girl who he is loving. The next day Anu came everyone spoke about his feelings and she confirmed he loves me. 

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Anu's classmate was very curious to ask about that girl to Krish. That time only Anu knows he is not loving me he loves some other girl. Anu felt very bad because she is a girl with bad attitude who is loving Krish.

Next day Anu went to meet Krish, here after I won't contact with you I came here for only finish my project and she explained about that girl and fought a lot. He didn't believe that all whatever Anu said. UntillKrish loving her when he realised exactly about her. Finally Anu expose her feeling and proposed to him.

After two days Krish expose his love with pleasant surprise that's the day is Anu's birthday and he wrote a poetry for Anu.


Nan ParpatharkkuMunnal - Piranthanaal

Enna SeiyaMudiyumEnnal...


Still, we are living our life(LOVE)...

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{[Love]}* Stories Real Life True Romantic Cute Stories
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